A Guide on slot car Racing for Those Making a First Purchase

Despite age, car and race enthusiasts can participate in slot racing. They come with adrenaline-packed action as in the video games. Straight to the finer details, most would wonder what is the best slot car set? Well, here is a review of two. The Scalextric Sport more suitable for aged players and the young players will love Carrera. Both offer digital as well as analog controls. The digital versions coming with greater flexibilities and functions.

Factors to Consider in Decision Making

Racers’ age: extremely young children might not understand the working of a slot set. Ideally, it works for children above eight years of age. To excel on the track one needs fine skills, it is not just about fun. Thinking is key when it comes to coordination.

How much space is available: the track needs some space for setup. While your sitting room might have plenty of space, you do not want your track trampled on. Thus, get an area dedicated solely for it.

Racing Frequency: while the tracks are made for easy assembly and disassembly, it should not be done too often. Getting a setup place that can stay undisturbed for long helps keep breakages away.


As indicated earlier, there is an analog and digital version. The digital is named Digital 143, while the analog one is GO!!! Both have a scale of 1:43, which makes them a bit small, but good for starters. The themes include Cars 3 from Disney, and Mario Kart. Expect to see jumps, loops, and ramps. They are humbly priced and suitable for children above eight years.

The digital 143 is a bit costly. Still, starters can purchase it instead of waiting to upgrade later. Upgrades could cost quite a ton, as new equipment is required. The only thing that would need no upgrading is the track. The main advantage is the capability of supporting more than three cars instantaneously. Crossover is also quite simple in this version.


For the more experienced player, they will find the bigger, detailed cars quite appealing. Thanks to the 1:32 scale that creates room even for lights. In Goldfinger, the Aston Martin belonging to James Bond even comes with an ejector seat. The track layouts are also quite sophisticated, with full tournament competences. The tournaments made a reality through an active community that goes by set guidelines.

Track details: the layout is customizable into many formations. Thanks to the diverse track pieces available, with guard rails and borders that help keep the cars from veering off. The flexible nature of the track further allows creation of obstacles as well as sharp turns. Make use of the track selector wheel to choose the curves available. The track designer available at the official website also goes a long way in helping proper track configuration.

Transitioning to digital: changing from analog to digital is quite easy on Scalextric. All that is needed is a lane-changing track, new power base, and a transformer. Analog cars will run on the digital version, though lane changing might not work properly. However, that is rectifiable by installing a microchip. Amazingly, digital cars work on the analog setup. The standard package supports 4 cars but is upgradeable to a power base that supports 6 cars. The digital is full of intriguing features. For instance, you can set ghost cars that give some competition when racing alone. Cars can also be configured to reduce speed, race at constant speeds, and even go clockwise or counterclockwise.


The information above is a just but a summarized version. There are plenty of advanced features. For instance, the Scalextric has Arc One, Arc Pro, and Arc Air enhancements for its digital set.

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