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Notes for Mothers Taking Care of Children in the Period of 0-6 Months Old

When taking care of newborn babies from 0 to 6 months of age, mothers need to pay special attention to bathing their babies, especially when babies are not at birth and maintaining the source of breast milk for their babies.

In fact, bathing a newborn baby from 0 to 6 months is important, especially before the baby is born. If the mother bathes in the wrong way, it can lead to infection, colds.

Bathing procedure for babies properly

Mix warm water with a temperature of 36 – 38 degrees. You can put elbows in water to determine the temperature of the water, but if it’s cold in the weather, it’s hard for mom to feel the exact temperature of the water. Then, use the product “ bath temperature ”.

Use a towel to wrap around the baby, one hand to support the head, one hand to support the baby’s body, then use a soft cloth to wipe the baby’s face from 2 eyes, nose and ears.

Wet your hair to wash your baby’s hair and then rinse with warm water.
Dry your hair, put a towel around your baby and put him in a bucket of water. hold one baby’s head with one hand and wipe your baby from neck to foot.
Lift your baby out of a basin of water and place him on a big cotton towel to dry off before dressing.

Note that the baby is still not umbilical: Make sure you clean the umbilical cord by taking eye drops into the umbilical cord and using a cotton ball to clean the navel.

Pay attention to dry the head, neck, ears, armpits and then the anus. You can add a little red medicine to the umbilical cord after washing with physiological saline to help the baby’s belly button to dry faster.

Other notes: I need to bathe your baby in a well-ventilated place and remember to clean the brass after you finish bathing. If you are bathing your baby for the first time, take care of your baby because he is quite small, very slippery, easy to slip out of your hands.

Breastfeeding exclusively in the first 6 months

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies so mothers need to pay attention to their diet to ensure enough milk for their babies in the first 6 months.

Mothers should learn about regular breast massage, especially before breastfeeding for about 3 minutes. Doing this will make the breasts softer and stimulate more milk flow, allowing the milk to flow better.

Adjust your baby’s posture to help you feel comfortable. Breastfeed your baby to latch on to the nipples so that she can get more and even milk.

How much is enough for breastfeeding?

Mothers should breastfeed 6-7 meals a day. The amount of milk for children should increase day by day as follows:

The first and second day is about 10 ml of milk/meal
Days 3 – 8 are children will increase by 10 ml of milk/meal and by day 8, the amount of milk increased to 70 ml.
Days 15-30: Increase to about 100 ml milk/meal
The second month: 6 meals per meal of about 120ml
The third month: 6 meals, about 120ml each
Fourth month: 130 ml of each meal
The fifth month: 5 milk meals, each meal 140 – 150ml. Mothers can give their children an extra lining dinner with fruit yogurt, fruit juice.
Sixth month: Mother can feed her baby with thin flour. The amount of milk each meal will be about 150 – 170 ml and fruit meals depending on demand.

Note for mothers when feeding children

Meals and flour should be spaced 2-3 hours apart
The number of meals is the only relative, the mother should apply flexibly depending on the needs of the child.
Limit babies under 6 months of water because breast milk has enough water for their babies.
In addition, if the mother diapers for children should pay attention to clean, dry to prevent the baby from infection, diaper rash, rash.