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Why Should Children Sleep in the Dark?

Research has suggested that children who get enough sleep and deep sleep are more likely to focus, learn better and thus have higher learning outcomes. However, how to make children have a deep sleep, not parents also know.

Sleep is a time for the body to rest and recover after a long day of tired and stressful work. When sleeping, the baby’s body will produce melatonin hormone that helps control the endocrine and immune system to help the baby’s body develop healthy and good antibodies. Normally, the time for melatonin to produce the most is from 22h to 3h. Therefore, this is the period of time when children sleep deeply, their bodies grow better.

If parents keep the habit of lighting a night light at night during the body’s rest, they will affect the production of melatonin. Because the body only produces this hormone in a biological clock cycle of the body. They only naturally produce in the dark. If light occurs, this manufacturing process will be affected.

The process of the body’s biological clock works during sleep

22:00 – The number of white blood cells in the blood doubles and the body temperature drops
23:00 – Recovery is happening in every cell
00:00 – The child’s consciousness falls asleep while the brain is still working
01:00 – “Light sleep”
02:00 – All parts of the body are rested, except for the liver
03:00 – Arterial pressure is weaker. The pulse beats and the breath slows down
04:00 – The brain is only given a minimal amount of blood and is not ready to wake up
05:00 – Kidney rest. The muscles of the child sleeps
06:00 – The body is about to wake up
07:00 – At this time, the child’s immune system is at the “glory”

How do children sleep soundly and deeply?
For children, the time between 22h and 3 am is the time when the body produces melatonin the most. Therefore, it is best for parents to give their children the habit of sleeping early from 21:00 and sleeping on time to help children develop intelligence, health, and balance.

Not only forging reasonable sleeping habits, but parents also limit the lights in the room, night lights or turn on the television for children to watch while the baby is lying in bed to bed. These actions will affect the quality of your baby’s sleep.

To help your child fall asleep more deeply, parents can create habits such as taking a warm bath before bed, drinking a glass of warm milk, closing curtains, using their favorite stuffed animal or reading a love story to their child like before you go to bed.